I’ve Been Here Before; But Where am I Going

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It’s that time again. That time that I always dread, yet tell the most stories about afterwards. The time that tries mens’ souls; the time that tests our mettle. I refer, of course, to crunch week, the final days before our movie must be shaped into something presentable for the masses.

To be truthful, I love this time. I never feel more accomplished or skilled as the week that I have 30 shots to do and I must do them NOW and there is no room for error. To rise to that occasion is to feel empowered. To succeed is to be employable.

There will be sacrifices. Oh, as usual, I will be a mess by the end of the week. I’ll be pulling an all-nighter Friday night getting final renders banged out, and then drive to the airport the next morning with the hope amongst hopes that I’ll be able to sleep on the plane. I made sure I got a nonstop flight to make it easier.

And then, after the festivities, there will be the slight depression. The strange feeling that one doesn’t know what to do with themselves when the project that’s consumed their free time for two years is suddenly not in their lives anymore. There will be shots that need to be redone, and a lot of touching up, but it’s not the same. Like Baby blues of a creative nature.

But there’s projects. There’s things to do. And there’s plans, as well. I have a month of school left, and then, I do believe it’s time for a Vegas trip. And I’ll probably be working there, but it’s really hard to call it work with a straight face when I love doing it so much. I’m quite ready to whittle down things to a single project, be successful at it, and discover all this wonderful free time that appears as I focus on one thing. You should be there when it happens. The look on my face will be classic. Like someone just put a large amount of cash in front of me, and I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to pick it up, but I’m sure it’s a trick. You mean, this is my free time? I can go do anything, and nobody will think ill of me?

No, shut up. You’re lying. No? Oh.



In any case, I must stop looking forward for a minute and look to the present. More shots to do. More work to finish.

And this one other thing. It’ll be cool. I’m rather psyched.

You’ll see.