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Presented in bullet points because I am tired and lets face it, have always sucked at trip write-ups:

  • I started my trip off in San Jose by meeting Betty, April, & Maura for dinner, where we occupied a table in the corner and talked and laughed for hours. We had a great time and it set the perfect tone for my trip. The next morning the twins (that would be April & I for you newbies) had lunch and did some shopping before I hit the road for Santa Barbara. And by “shopping” I mean we located the Best Buy, because no way was I driving four hours without the iPod playing.
  • For my birthday dinner, Alan and I went to The Palace Cafe, and upon being seated were informed that the Louisiana Redfish was in fact available that evening. Alan suggested I get the fish because the last time he was there with Wil and Ryan it had not been available and Wil had been tilted because of it.

    I just think it’s funny that you brought a girl raised on the Texas Gulf Coast all the way to California to eat a fish from the Louisiana Gulf Coast…
    “Yes. And then text Wil and tell him you got it.”
    “Well, okay, if it’s going to tilt Wheaton…”

    Now the lovely Ms. Betty and I have bonded as of late and in that we have discovered that we share a great deal in common and are a bit psychically linked. [“Twins separated at birth a few years apart” is how she put it… like just now.] Because although we passed many a text message back and forth that evening, never once did I mention which selection I made from the bread basket, yet she managed to nail the exact one. And it was no surprise to me to find that my drink selection that night exactly matched hers from a year before.

  • Saturday found us in Long Beach at the Aquarium of the Pacific to meet Speaker & AJ. I was looking forward to meeting the infamous AJ and wanted to make a good impression, but try as I might, he is still 5 and I am still a girl and some things just cannot be overcome. Towards the end of our visit Speaker left Alan and I in charge (ha!) while AJ explored the gift shop and while examining a plastic squid AJ dropped his newly pressed souvenir penny where it fell to the bottom of the squid bin. In a panic he dug around to retrieve it but couldn’t reach it, prompting Alan to step up and save the day. Penny returned, I said to a happy AJ “Aww… who rules?”, to which he replied, in that begrudging way only a 5-year-old can perfect, “Alan“. Of course, five minutes later it was Alan this, Alan that, lookit this Alan!, AlanAlanAlanAlanAlanAlan.
    *Sigh* Maybe I’d do better with the next guy… though from what his father had been saying lately I wasn’t getting my hopes up.
  • Somewhere around here on Sunday, in between Santa Barbara and LA, listening to the Silversun Pickups (seemed an appropriate playlist) top down on the convertible, is when the thought occurred to me that I really could just stay and not go back. And I came very close to doing it. It’s also probably why the same playlist has been going on my iPod since I got back… nothing else sounds good right now.
  • Sunday afternoon I got to meet the Troublekitten, and while his dad is taking some damn fine pictures of him, he’s even better in person. As I most definitely fell into the stranger category, his eyes pretty much never left me and resulted in some mildly humorous “who the hell are you lady” looks. After getting to meet Declan and catch up with Ryan & Kim for a while, my job was to help the cats hold down the fort and babysit while they got to enjoy a much deserved night out. Declan was an absolute angel and I look forward to seeing him and his parents again soon.
  • Please add “iced coffee drinks” to the list of things we don’t argue with Ryan about on, k? Thxbai
  • The next morning, armed with the “locals” way of getting to LAX, I was off. And then home. And I would like to go back now. As I told Betty, “i kinda want to throw myself down on the ground and kick and scream and cry until i’m back in california”. Then again, there is the advice another friend gave to me – “Maybe instead of running away you should try and figure out what it is you’re trying so hard to run away from.”

    I asked her if she wanted to go with me to buy a new car instead.


  • Bullet point for future Alan, the rest of you can move along:
    When the mints finally fall out of the chair; they’re there because you were sitting in it when we were having a conversation; I had an epiphany, and it came up for the second time that day that you had not read this. So I threw them at you. 🙂
  • Also, I rule at teh Googles. If I run too far you will never find this!