It’s Alive!!!

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For the seven people who care, is up and running again, thank god. The RSS feed is new so be sure to kill whatever subscription you have on Bloglines or other RSS reader.

I’m still keeping all my poker content here, the way Pauly’s blogs are divided up. is for hosting my portfolio and life outside of poker, and I think it’s going to open up how much I blog.

So, poker? The grind at Full Tilt continues on and I’m putting up some pretty respectable numbers. Almost 5,000 hands in, and i’m holding at 5BB/100 hands in the .50/1NL 6-max games. 6-max fits my slightly looser style. I’ve been making some big laydowns too, and it’s paying off. And no tournaments. You may of noticed I’ve completely dropped off the face of the earth when it comes to the 20k/8k nightly get togethers in the IRC room. Yeah, It was a huge leak in my roll, and now i’ve plugged it.

Oh, and shameless plug: Pokertracker, Pokertracker, Pokertracker. If you are serious about making money online, you NEED POKERTRACKER. It’s probably saved me hundreds of dollars, and at least 250 bucks on a single hand where I would have got involved with JJ and flopped middle set except the guy to my right with VPIP/PFR of 15/3 decided to reraise the guy UTG. I laid down JJ and watched him flop top set with Aces. The other guy? AJ. Crazy.

I’m doing well enough that my bankroll might grow to a size that would lend itself to moving up to 1/2, but I’m thinking I’m going to pad my roll for a bit more first. I want to make sure I don’t get off to a lousy start and immediatly not have the bankroll for it anymore. Probably 15 buyins, considering I’m doing nothing but 4-tabling. One bad night and that can go to hell quickly.

For now though, running good. Hopefully there will be more optimistic posts to follow.