it’s a beautiful day

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I’m moving very slowly this morning. (And yes, I realize it’s after 1 pm). Stubb’s has really really good Texas teas. But I can’t think about them right now, nor the shots and drinks purchased for us during our last show. It was a long day and we’re all hurting a bit this morning, but admittedly, me the most. This is a nice reminder of why I drink, but don’t get druuunnnkkk. Despite the date, I plan on taking it pretty easy today. Lucky Adam (who will shortly be getting some text messages himself).

Since I suck at write-ups, more so when hungover, here’s a recap of our day, presented via text-message recap.

From: Ryan @ 1:21pm
Burgers at Casino El Camino, 2ish

To: Ryan @ 1:21pm
On our way
(we were already headed downtown to hit Iron Works for lunch, but Casino has the best burgers)

Lunch was nice, as you can never go wrong with good food and good company. In the true spirit of SXSW, Heather pitches trailer ideas for Snakes on a Plane.
Afterwards, we take in a bit of shopping on South Congress.

From: Gus @ 5:31pm
Where are you now?

To: Gus @ 5:33pm
Home, figuring out best way to get to aud. shores
(aud. shores = auditorium shores, site of a free show with Spoon and Echo and the Bunnymen. Best way to get there ended up being via city bus, which was an adventure. Many thanks to the nice lady who made sure we made our connecting bus, and the two guys who made sure we were headed in the right direction to get downtown. We later saw one of them working the door at a club on Red River, and he promised to take care of us. Gotta love the bus!)

From: Gus @ 5:37pm
Ah, good luck with that. We’re on a break now at casino el camino. May go to campus a little later.
(Told you it was good)

To: the Verizon-sponsered big screen at Auditorium Shores @ 7:54pm
Happy Birthday Heather
@ 8:00pm
@ 8:03pm
(There was a big screen next to the stage where you could text a number and your message would appear)

From: Ryan @ 7:58pm
Rough schedule: 9pm Earlimart Buffalo Billards, 945 Mallman/Exodus, 11 Some by Sea/Redrum, 1230 Barsuk showcase/Parish

To: Ryan @ 8:01
We are at auditorium shores. U still going to mallman?
(ok, yes, I realize he had just said he was. But as you’ll see, plans change often, so I was just making sure…)

From: Ryan @ 8:03pm
Yes, might bag Earlimart though. But will be at Mallman for sure.
(see? plans change)

To: Ryan @ 8:05pm
K, it may just be me, but i’ll be there

From: Gus @ 9:38pm
What are you seeing now?

To: Gus @ 9:48pm
We are headed to exodus for mark mallman

To: Gus @ 9:52pm
We’re headed to bourban rocks at one 4 the bottle rockets

From: Gus @ 9:54pm
What are you hitting at midnight? I’m going over that way for some pizza.

To: Gus @ 10:00pm
Dresden dolls at stubbs
(even though that show was at 11…..)

To: Ryan @ 11:06pm
It looks like the bottle rockets are going to be badges only. 🙁 Can you tell me where the drive-by truckers are playing?
(Ryan comes fully equipped with the complete SXSW schedule on his PDA. While on the way to Stubb’s, we passed Bourban Rocks with its glaring “Badges Only” sign over the door. Of all the shows in SXSW, this was the one I really wanted to see.)

From: Ryan @ 11:12pm
1 AM La Zona Rosa, good fucking luck

To: Ryan @ 11:13pm
LOL. Tyvm

From: Ryan @ 11:15pm
You might have a better shot with Jay Bennett or His Name is Alive at Habana Calle 6

From: Ryan @ 11:16pm
Or Jim McMurtry and Hank Williams III at Antone’s

To: Ryan @ 11:17pm
Ooo…hank sounds good. Thanks!

From: Ryan @ 11:19pm
Antone’s is iffy but you have zero chance at La Zona Rosa and it’s way away from anything else you could just wander into. Good luck.

From: Gus @ 12:43pm
Post-one am best wurst. Be there or go home hungry

From: Ryan @ 12:49am
Get in anywhere?

To: Ryan @ 12:52am
Trying to flirt our way into the bottle rockets. 🙂

To: Ryan @ 12:56am
It worked! 🙂

From: Ryan @ 1:24am
Just remember you’re legally obligated to allow a grope under those circumstances.

To: Ryan @ 1:26am
LOL. We have a strange man buying us drinks too.

To: Gus @ 1:58am
U still dt?

From: Gus @ 2:05am
Yes. In the best wurst line

To: Gus @ 2:08am
On our way