It begins…

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In case you weren’t aware, that “main event” thing for that “world series of poker” thing that some of us care about starts today. Sure wish I was there. Wouldn’t it be neat if there was a way to get real-time information about the event, plus some awesomely cool photos? (Yes, that’s a word. Because I said it is)

But wait! There is a way to get such information? You don’t say…

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This time next week I’ll be in Vegas myself. Very much looking forward to that. However, I find myself sick again. I’m beginning to think that perhaps I am not meant to be in Vegas healthy. Suffice to say I am ingesting large quanities of Vitamin C and other fluids in order to get rid of this crap.

Reading Pauly makes me want to be in the Rio now. I imagine it’s like the start of Event #2, but with more media and railbirds. Remember that feeling gang? (Those of us who got there in time…) The feeling of intense concentration from the players, the pressure, the constant sound of chips shuffling… Then remember going back after lunch and how half the room was already busted out, and the cash games had started? It wasn’t the same feeling…some of the magic was gone. Sure it was still the WSOP, but with half the room gone, it felt almost like any other tournament. The magic of the start of the main event…sorry to miss it. But Pauly is doing a great job conveying it.