It Ain’t Easy…

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But seriously, if you haven’t already, get your butt on over to the Bloggies page and nominate your favorite poker bloggers in whatever category you see fit. Voting ends Monday, so don’t be like I was, thinking, “oh what a great idea, I’ll have to do that”, and then looking at the site, and seeing the deadline, and thinking “Holy crap, that’s soon!”

Might I suggest, other than the suggestions I made in my first post about this – that you don’t forget Henry’s article about The Viral Phenomenon of Poker Blogs for the category of Best Article or Essay about Weblogs.

But you’re on your own as for filling in the rest of the blanks. But the main thing is – GO! Go now!! Dammit I want one of you to win one of these things! I want the 2005 SXSW to be an offical WPBT event…might make me loathe those four letters a little less. 🙂