Inspiration Hit

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A few things that have occured to me tonight –

  • There are no exceptions to the whole “bet pot” thing when you make a good hand off the flop but there are two cards of the same suit. None! I don’t care if it is a set of Jacks with King kicker, and therefore normally worth some value betting and such…someone is going to runner-runner you to make their flush, even though they had no business being in the hand past the flop in the first place (and calling your raise no less). This has happened to me so much lately. Earlier today I had a straight run into a flush on the river. However I can’t complain about that one too much as I knew it was dangerous all along…and the card that made my straight just happened to make his flush too.
  • Why do people type complete gibberish into the table chat when playing online poker? I mean…once I can understand, sometimes when you’re multi-tabling it happens, etc. But most of the time they apologize or whatever…but this one guy…it’s been all night. Of course, he’s also re-bought multiple times, so perhaps…? (No, it’s not Al).
  • I have really sexy hair when I’ve taken a nap on the couch. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s a very reliable styling method…
  • This is one of my new favorite songs. While yes, it was recommended, I confess it appealed to me for its poker relatedness as well. And then when you listen to it, the analogy just gets better (at least I see it).
  • Ooh, I have Jacks. OOOH! Quads on the flop! All-in with callers. Baby just doubled-up. Flush suck-out boy had a boat. (See above – hehe). That was nice…haven’t had quads in a long time.
  • The new UB notes system is weird. The little “dots” (which look like deformed ornaments) that appear above a players name? I don’t get it. So I can color code them – yippee. What bugs me the most is, well, the apparent bugs in the system. People sit down at my table and they have the little ornament thing on them, so I assume I have notes on them. I don’t. So what…does someone else? Like someone, somewhere, has you tagged as fish, Mr. XXXX who just sat down next to me? But I’ll never know… You’re such a tease UB.
  • Guy to my right just hit quad Jacks. This online poker must be rigged.
  • I need a 10. No 10.
  • Wow, I sound like Sir. πŸ˜‰
  • Finally, I get to keep blogger credibility by dropping the Hammer. I haven’t seen it in forever.
  • Speaking of which, Vegas in June? Yea, I think I can do that.

Well…more than doubled up for this session, so I think I’ll call it a night. Holy crap, is that my account? I did good today. Yay me.

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