I’m in Vegas, and you aren’t

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I have video and lots of pics from last night’s festivities, but to sum it up quickly –

Bellagio Bar apparently occupied by a crappy band, so the party was moved to the Excal, which really, much as it pains me to say it, Chilly was kinda right – should have just met at the Sherwood Forest.

Had a nice dinner with F-Train, Absinthe and Mrs. Absinthe. Promised the waitress that F-Train would strip if the lemon in his water was strong enough – she was very disappointed that there was no show.

Finally met Pokerati Dan, a true highlight on the evening. Dan rules.

Fell to temptation and the promise of free drinks and joined the group in a 2/4 donkey limit game. Poker sucks. Ryan told me to embrace my inner donkey, which I did, including playing my last few chips blind. Ryan sucks as a poker coach.

Discovering that my twin and Shelly are rooming right next to Heather and I, with Donkeypuncher across the hall. There was talk of hot lesbian sex, which put Otis on tilt, and got us several cash offers.

Drunk Heather. 🙂

4 hours of sleep last night, and it’s my turn in the shower, so I’m off for another day of Vegas. Scott has already called me three times this morning, including a call at 6:30am which I didn’t answer because that is WAY before noon, and I knew he was doing it on purpose. Besides, it was bedtime.

Met a lot of new people yesterday and had a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing everyone else today.