I’m full of it today

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I mean good Lord – 3 posts in a day!

Remember this post? Well…I procrastinated on buying tickets. Why? Because they’re damned expensive. Also, I have no one to go with! And while I have no problems going to a show by myself, a full 3-day festival? Ummm….

Then the lineups came out. Well. Day 3 is the one that interests me most. So, I thought about getting a single day ticket. But damn! Definitely not cost-effective to do it that way.

So ok, I’ll suck it up and buy a full pass. Of course, they sold out recently, so…off to eBay! Plenty for offer there. One of which makes mention of a special after-festival show at Stubb’s…hmmm….Wilco with 60,000+ people, or a smaller, better venue? Not exactly a tough choice there.

While perusing the Stubb’s calendar, I notice that the Bottle Rockets are playing there as well. Cool! Love to see that show. I’m pulling out the credit card when I realize…I have plans for that date. 🙁 I now understand how Halverson feels when I make mention of weekend plans

See how much I love y’all? The things I give up to play poker and get (apparently) really really drunk with our gang…

To make matters worse, I now find out about the after-show that The Decemberists are doing. THE SAME NIGHT AS THE WILCO SHOW. Damn you ACL! Curse you for bringing so much musical goodness to my town.

Having no musical taste whatsoever, Little Sister grabs the credit card and phone to procure tickets to the August 31st show at Stubb’s… She’s such a girl