I’m Claude Rains, and my co-pilot, Harvey the Rabbit

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With ten days until the blessed event, a bigger laundry list at work, and the most important movie project of my life (Volume 2) under huge pressure to measure up to the hype (thanks a heap Volume 1)… “keeping busy” doesn’t do my life justice, as it’s how i’ve tended to answer the “How you doin” question as default over the last couple months. Now, it needs an upgrade to something along the lines of “The sun seems strange and unfamiliar to me”.

As such, you probably won’t be seeing much of me over the next 2 weeks unless i’m able to post photos or the like. I’m getting lots of poker in (and in the middle of one of the better runs of my life) but not anything interesting or insightful that hasn’t been posted millions of times before. Things are as they’ve always been: Online players are bad, solid play is rewarded, and you profit when your hands hold up. And my hands, well, they’re holding up. Squee.

Speaking of things that make you go Squee, I got stuck hosting a visual effects meeting at the apartment, so Kori spent her night playing in a big 15+1 Rebuy MTT, and took 2nd for 750 bucks. It must have been amusing for my co-workers, as my eyes darted over every so often to Kori when she’d start typing in numbers, meaning she was making a raise. She only had to rebuy once, and I don’t even think she took the add-on. So yeah, I’m beaming with pride.

Anyways, wanted to shout that i’d probably be less visable on the blog for awhile, but I’ll do my best to take as many Vegas photos as possible and post them all here or on Flickr. Keep an eye out, and more likely than not the next post made by me will be made by a married man.