I’m behind

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Haven’t even begun my odds memorization. Too busy learning about chaos theory as it applies to Congressional voting. (It’s super fun).

I even missed the WSOP last night! But this is why we have the DVR. In fact, it is THE reason I have a DVR. Had to be able to record the WSOP for those nights when I might be otherwise occupied. Will I be swapping it out for the cheaper cable box when it’s all over? Hell no.

I’ve had a lllloooonnnnngggg day. I had two goals for the day – change my name at the Social Security office, and open a new bank account. I hit the SS office first, knowing there would be a line.

Do you know you can’t take a camera phone into a Federal Building? What the fuck? Like I’m going to take a picture of the long line? But whatever. Back to the car I go, to drop off the phone. Good thing I wore the running shoes today. And you know it’s kinda hot in Austin in the middle of the day in August. Especially downtown. I come back and the security guys thank me for my understanding. Like I had a choice… I certainly wasn’t going to argue with them. I am certainly not adverse to arguing with men (ask the boss) but men that are armed? Phone goes bye-bye, no matter how silly I think the regulation is.

Of course the line is long. I knew that would be the case. But 3 hours long?? Um, no. Not having a book or even a CELL PHONE to amuse me while I waited, I gave my number to a woman in line behind me, and will try again tomorrow. When I bring a book.


So I’ve watched the WSOP. Do I really have to listen to Norman Chad’s lame jokes for months to come? The “back-to-back” with the ex-wife joke? Ug. And what’s with the condom commercials? Bring back Jesus in the fridge.


Also, um…I think I have a new poker crush. But don’t tell Phil, ok???

And by the way – it ain’t Full Tilt, but it’s still pretty cool…boss is taking apps, and we think another blogger would be a great addition to the team.