If you haven’t noticed…

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Poker content is gonna be a little light around here for a while. Sue me. Clearly I’m channelling BG today.

As if I needed another reason to crush, Wil Wheaton has discovered Wilco. This may not seem like a crush worthy event (although I believe my twin will tell you anything he does is) but you have to understand that it’s coming about for him at pretty much the same time for me, and with the same album. I used to harass a good friend of mine for his love affair with the band, and then one day week before last I was on a mission to fill up the iPod for my trip to CO and decided to go through said friends playlist on my computer and succumbed to twenty or so Wilco songs he had downloaded. Not the entire catalog that I used to tease him about, true. But enough to hook me. When I got my new cell phone Sunday and discovered it could play Mp3s for a ring tone…yea – it was a toss up between two Wilco songs, Jesus Etc. and Can’t Stand It. The former one won for its opening bars. Sunday night Jonathan (said friend) asked me “So if they play ACL (Austin City Limits Festival) this year, which they will because they do every year, are you going to go?”. To which I replied, without hesitition, “Sure”. And it hit me today – I didn’t even go to ACL when R.E.M. played. Because the tickets are $70ish and the festival is in September and this is Texas (i.e., hot as hell) and you’re standing around in the freakin’ park…not exactly my idea of the ideal concert situation. And of course, a visit to the ACL festival website to confirm such bold schedule predictions presents you with a reminder that an encore presentation of the Wilco/Bright Eyes Austin City Limits performance will be on this Saturday. Well! Can’t miss that! This has never happened to me before – liking the band that everyone else has been liking for years? But I have clearly taken the bait; drank the kool-aid, etc. And I’m really quite OK with that.
Shut up Jonathan. (You too Hank). 🙂

My other crush has been busy as well… [Pic alert, Shelly & April!]

Oh, and this is just too damn funny.