If nothing else, you have to admit I’ve been true to my domain name lately

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I think every day Sir asks “You going to play poker?” and my reply is usually “Maybe”. I have intent. I just get distracted. For instance, last night I had a gig or so of music files to transfer from the main computer in this house to my laptop. Took 2 hours, as I had to weed out my stuff from the rest, and track down everything from the random locations music files get saved.

Then there was the Firefox profile I had to move over to the laptop, and the Explorer favorites, along with other misc documents. I suffer from a form of procrastination where all conditions have to be absolutely perfect before I can perform a task. Let’s not forget the 5K PT hands that have to be exported from the big computer and then imported into the laptop…set up the auto-rate rules from the guide…see, it’s work to be able to sit down and actually play.

I will soon though. I’m not avoiding it for any reason, just haven’t been in the mood particularly and I know if I’m not in the right frame of mind to play I shouldn’t. It does feel good to argue with Sir about things like raising with AK though. Ah, I just like to argue.

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, in addition to being a politics and poker geek, I’m a big music geek. So things like this give me the shakes a little. I have a new favorite song (sorry Wilco) and it has the most awesome video. It’s Rushmore-esque and well, throw a poker game and a little football action in there and it’ll have all my big interests covered. The song is 16 Military Wives by The Decemberists, who are one of the best bands around. (Yes, even up there with Wilco! ;)) Also, NIN has a new song out (The Hand That Feeds) that is awesome, but the video is lame.

Damn you iTunes store. (Stay away BG!) Worse than a crack dealer trying to make quota on the last day of the month. First five free when you sign up with Paypal! I have one left. You know the pressure that puts on a song?

It’s another beautiful day, I have plenty of good music to enjoy it by…maybe