If it’s too geeky, you’re too old

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We’ve been back from Comic-Con 2005 and the premiere of Return of Pink Five – Volume 2 for a few days now, but I haven’t had the time, energy, or worthwhile content to offer you. Plus, Herr director Trey Stokes and my good buddy Fig already beat me to the blogging punch with multiple posts showing off just how badass a time we had. (Be sure to click on Fig’s link for great pics of Kori. You’ve been warned.)

Despite the infinite “oooh, shiny!” factor that takes place at Comic-Con, I managed to leave without attending any life altering panels and only having purchased two things – a very nice statue for Kori’s birthday, and a T-Shirt from the fine folks at Penny Arcade.

We also saw a few celebs, none of which I felt the need to bug. Robert Picardo and John DeLancie signed autographs, Jorge Ramos from Lost walked the floor with a huge security detail, Carrie Fisher once again managed to look like she was the last person who wanted to be there, and we were told we missed a random walkthrough by Quentin Tarantino by a few minutes on Saturday night. Honestly, the person I wanted to talk to most was when I was shocked to find animation god Bill Plympton working his own booth, but again I felt I had nothing of substance to add to a conversation. I guess I’m just not the fanboy I used to be. Comic-Con usually involves dumping three times as much money as I should on crap and wanting to be around the celebs so much that I would volunteer assisting them in their autograph booths. Before, it was yukking it up with Jake Lloyd. Now I just bitch about how much I’ve walked on the dealer’s floor (which really is the size of multiple football fields) and how I saw all this stuff last year. The final big difference is the lack of attending the parties at the hotel bars every night, but that is more due to being married to an early sleeper.

What I took away most from the event, really, was that I am guilty about the lack of writing that I have been doing overall in the past year. Poker and Visual Effects have taken away the energy that I always said I’d put towards creating more of my own content, and it’s just never happened. I’ve tried, but multiple efforts have failed to reach critical velocity. So going to Comic-Con and seen thousands of professionals showing off their work and networking around with great ideas and actually following through on them served as a subconcious poke in the ribs that I cannot simply put off projects that I think are worthwhile with the idea that I’ll have time later on, or that I’ll be in position to do it for a living once things start to pick up career wise. And that’s bullshit, and I know it even as I say it to myself. Right now I have outlines and writeups for multiple projects, I’m not working towards making any of them reality. Bad Geek. No Biscuit.

But we all know why I’m following up Pink Five duties in the evening by firing up 4 NL tables instead of Microsoft Word – because it PAYS A HELL OF A LOT BETTER. Maybe if I lost my entire bankroll in an episode of extreme tilt, I’d knock out a few short films.

If only I wasn’t running so damn good this week. Dammit.