If I Were Pauly…

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“Right now there’s some guy in the Midwest reading Pauly’s blog and saying “Otis is out? Damn!!” – overheard at Bradoween

…I’d take a little notebook with me to every tournament I go to, and take notes on all the key hands, in order to give a great write-up when I got back home.

…I’d get a comprehensive list of all the players in the tourney, so I could link to them all and make witty little bios about them for my write-up

…I’d remember to bring the actual memory card for the camera (sorry Iggy!)

Yes, if only I were Pauly…but I’m not. I have much bigger boobs.

I can tell you this much – Adam is a great host and puts on a fine tournament. Many many thanks to him.

And congratulations to the winner of the 1st Austin WPBT Invitational, Madroxxx from Bad Beats Happen. I found myself much like Iggy at the final table – I was silently rooting for co-worker Lindsey to make a comeback from her shortstack (while simultaneously putting her all in when I had any decent face card) but then it hit me – Lindsey is not a blogger. Therefore she could not win.

Had a great time playing with everyone – my first table featured Scurvy, Adam, Jaxia, then shortly thereafter, Madroxxx (that’s right, he even came in late! And still won!). Nothing really notable there except for pocket 9s three times, each time after Adam, on my right, had raised pre-flop. Never hit the set. Which isn’t too surprising, since I had about three in the last Aruba sat I played, and told Maigrey (the Phil Gordon stealing bitch) that I would likely never see another set again. (I did have a 10 though Carl…)

Once we broke down to two tables, I found myself seated with Scott, Lindsey, Jeremy, Carl, and Slayre. Thankfully the majority of them were to my right. It was quite enjoyable to play with Jeremy – we’ve got to get him out of the house more often. 😉 Lindsey had the hand of the night against him, when she flopped quad 5s and put on a masterful acting performance. She thought about calling Jeremy’s turn bet for minutes – none of us knew what she had.

We made it to the final table – me, Jeremy, Adam, Lindsey, Carl, Madroxxx, Russ (FOB), and Slayre. And probably someone else I’m forgetting. And it’ll be pointed out to me who it is, and I’ll feel bad. At any rate, again nothing big for me, until my last hand. Down to 3, me not short-stacked but up against two much larger stacks. Pocket 7s, raise pre-flop, Russ calls. Flop comes with two hearts, and the only amount I can bet to come even close to throwing off drawing odds is all-in. Russ calls, and hits the flush on the turn. That heart on the river was just unncessary really.

Relatively satisfied with my play, and having won a nice bit of points with my placing, I hung around to watch the UT game and see how everything ended. And thankfully, we can keep our record of blogger vs. reader domination in WPBT events intact.

Hopefully more of you can join us at the next one!