if i can just hear your pretty voice i don’t think i need to see at all

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“You drive like a fuckin madwoman.”
But a skilled madwoman.”
“If he only knew how you drove in this car…”
Please. After the shit that’s happened in this car over the past two weeks, do you really think a little speedy and aggressive lane changing is gonna be what gets me in trouble?? And trust me, he’s well aware of my driving habits anyway.”

My joyriding days in the Jaguar have come to a close, with Roomie handing me the keys to the Mercedes yesterday while he took the Jaguar in for it’s end-of-lease inspection. It passed with flying colors, no thanks to the dumbass moments he and I have both had with it in our care. Mine still remains a secret to him, and I have no idea how he missed seeing the two bright blue towels laying in the backseat for days on end last week.

With DonkeyPuncher in town, we headed out to dinner and then downtown to catch a coworker’s band‘s show. When I head downtown, I always park in the same parking lot. It’s centrally located and makes it super easy for me to remember where in the hell I parked when the night is over. The one time I had to deviate from this simple rule during SXSW I spent a good 15 minutes wandering around 2nd street trying to determine which parking garage I had left my car in – and while sympathetic parking attendants will assure you you’re not the only one in the same boat, they still can’t identify the garage you’re looking for based on the level name. DP and I had no problem finding a spot in my favored lot this time and I took care to lock my purse in the trunk, gloss up, arm the alarm – the important things.

There had been rumor earlier in the day of rain, but we ignore such things in Texas, because most of the time it’s not going to happen. Even though the sky had looked particularly ominous when I left work, I was still choosing to pretend there would be none. When chatting with a coworker on the patio between bands, and he mentioned the rain was supposed to be coming in a few hours, I told him that wasn’t going to happen until well after 2am, when we were all safe and sound in our beds. We call this denial. Because it did start to rain, a hard solid downpour that would not let up, about half way through our friend’s set. I stood there with my coworkers who had come out in support as we all looked up at the ceiling, then each other, each with a “oh shit” look slowly spreading across our faces. Nothing sucks more than being out downtown when it starts to rain. Especially if you are a girl, as we tend to roll in heels and thin tops. But really… who brings an umbrella to 6th Street? As DP and I discovered when we finally decided to brave the thunderstorm and head out to the car, some people do. We call these people losers.

Personally speaking I had on the best heels I could have for such an event, and with jeans rolled up it wasn’t so bad. We actually didn’t have too far to walk and the rain had lightened up some by that point so the only real concern I had was for the BlackBerry which wasn’t going to get too soaked, and if it survived all the times it got dropped during SXSW, then it’s a tough little guy. But as we got to the car, I noticed that in all my locking it up I had neglected to notice one small detail.

Driver side. Back window. Down.

It’s been pouring for hours, and the Jaguar with leather seats has been sitting there with the window open collecting rain. Hell never mind the rain, the Jaguar itself has been sitting downtown with the fucking window open for HOURS. And it’s still there! Relieved as I am over that, I am a wee bit shaken over how in hell I’m going to get out of this one. According to DP, there wasn’t too much water pooled up – had the front come in from the other direction though… Once I get home I towel the seat off as much I can and spend the next few days driving with the windows down at every opportunity – something I generally do anyway, but now with a purpose!

I haven’t told Roomie, and have no plans to do so. It’s not that my infraction is so bad really, and certainly he’s done worse. But I think it’s good for DP and I to have a little secret. And as nice as it’s been to drive luxury cars for a while, it did feel awfully good to drive my baby again today. You know, like an absolute madwoman.