If I Blogged Like I Twitter

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Soooo…I just quit my job. 04:47 PM August 21, 2008 from txt

“Have I told you that I don’t want you to leave?”
Yes dear. Several times. But it’s still gonna happen.

Tomorrow brings the last day in the office, which means two things – the Twitters are gonna get a whole lot less cryptic [less nightmares for some, less seduction for others] and this space here will get busier again.

I don’t even know who to trust anymore. Starting to think Mr. Intuition was right…. 09:04 PM August 25, 2008 from TwitterBerry

See, I’ve always been super careful (or tried to be at least) with the flow of information. The Twitter updates are protected and only people I know or absolutely don’t know and are pretty sure you don’t know anyone I might know are allowed on the “in” list. They feed to the Facebook page, where only friends are “friends” – not family, because holy hell do I not need them seeing the Twitter updates! My cousin’s wife is probably pretty pissed as to why I haven’t approved her friend request, but whatever, I’ve got till Christmas to come up with a reason why not.

And if she really wants to be friends, we can link up on MySpace. There I’ve got the family and the coworkers, assorted employees and the general people. There is no mention of a Twitter there. There is a link to the blog though, and a link to the Flickr page, from which you could link back to the blog; from which now will make mention of a Twitter account, but of course, you’ll note I’m not telling you the screen name and of course, it remains protected.

It’s a complicated web. The Twitters were born out of a need to respond to the workplace drama(s) I was in the middle of daily, and were actually meant to serve as little blog triggers. But they became way too much fun – 140 character blurbs that really, got out everything I needed. Most of you loved them. I could control who saw them, so I could say just about anything, but kept it cryptic still because when it’s on the internet, it’s never really safe.

I put so much emotion into four little words. The two you responded with were simple and perfect. But they still drove me to drink. June 18, 2008 from web

The day job ends today. I have debated leaving it for months, waffled on the issue, debated it back and forth, was talked into staying time and time again. I took the job last summer, intending to stay through December, while I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. I have stayed far too long… because of the people, because of my fears, because I simply hadn’t come up with the answer to that very important question just yet. And then the perfect storm hit.

We are three hens without a rooster. 10:31 AM August 07, 2008 from TwitterBerry

A key component of my support system was now gone, my side of the company was undergoing a reorg that left me feeling less than inspired, and the people – the ones that had kept me there for so long – were starting to become more of a drain… in other areas of life. Finally ready to leap, I just needed a soft place to land. And along came Otis.

For the next two weeks I have the honor of joining a talented team of writers on the PokerStars Blog providing live coverage of the WCOOP. It will be challenging and exciting and was exactly the kick in the pants I needed to make the right decision for me.

The Tweets will likely get less cryptic as a result, though the blogging here will likely pick up. A happy April is a better April. There are stories I have been waiting and wanting to tell, needing to get out, but kept from for reasons varied. The biggest one comes to a close, though it is bittersweet.