i wish i could quit you

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I don’t know why this year. Maybe because last year I was completely distracted by hospitals and surgeons and doctor’s orders and relearning my way around Houston. It never for a second crossed my mind that this year I might envy my friends heading to the city in the desert, to spend countless hours in casino conference rooms counting chip stacks.

Oh how I do. It’s the blast of 100 degree heat that hits me as I cross the parking lot; it’s the Las Vegas documentary on PBS; it’s the desperate need of a change of pace; it’s the whiff of MGM Grand perfume on my dresser; the rings on my finger I bought to remember it all. I miss the WSOP. All of it. The good, the bad, the ugly. I can say this because of the distance…because I am now sufficiently far enough removed to romanticize the entire experience. This summer, my head might have to focus through a day’s work, but thanks to the hard work of some excellent writers (and friends) my heart can travel to the Rio.

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PokerBlog.com – My home during the 2006 WSOP; I’ll always have a soft spot for this site. The PokerShrink is one of the best in the biz and still keeps the home fires buring.

Vegas isn’t entirely out of the question this summer… but perhaps like in all relationships a little distance makes the heart grow fonder. And while he is by no means a substitute, it does help to have a little bit of Vegas at home.

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