I wanna play!

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Copying two of my favorite bloggers, and in response to another favorite, I present

My iPod Shuffle – (links included where available)

Honkytonk Heartache – Leo Stokes
Writing to Reach You – Travis
Dying in Time – Dolorean
Somewhere I Belong – Linkin Park
Wonderful Night – Fatboy Slim
The Red – Chevelle
Confection – Mommy and Daddy
Running From Me – TRUSTcompany
Island In The Sun – Weezer
I Turn My Camera On – Spoon
Queen of Languages – Destroyer
Calling You – Blue October
Loose Yourself – Eminem
I Like The Way You Love Me – Gary Clark Jr
Fell In Love With A Boy – Joss Stone
Can’t Stand It – Wilco
Reservations – Wilco
Open The Window – Old 97s
Down – Blink 182
Love Where Did You Go? – Dayna Kurtz

Is that varied enough? Don’t give me grief over the two Wilco in a row, I have no control over the iPod shuffle algorithim!

I confess I never knew I could be so in love with a little white rectangle. I could only love it more if it were blue. 🙂 I had my car valet parked last weekend and the valet, upon seeing the hookup with the car adapter and the iTrip, had to comment in envy. My iTunes software is a little buggy, and last time I hooked up to update, it told me I need to update my iPod software. OK fine. Well, the only option it gave me was to Restore, which meant a complete wipe of the iPod. Um…is hell no an option? I’m beginning to be really glad I got that complete care package from Apple because I see myself quickly exceeding my one free phone call…

Now I just need to get a nice set of external speakers for it and I’ll be all set!