I think…

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…that I’m done.

For now.

I am referring to the ole blog here, which has had only three different looks in its little lifespan; this being the 3rd. It had been years since I made a change, largely because I am so picky when it comes to site design and never could find a template I liked. Nor did I want to try and modify one already out there or – ha! – create one myself.

And so here she is, thanks in no small part to help from friends. The banner comes courtesy of Mookie; who swapped out text on the pre-formatted banner with something that actually made sense. After several years of blogging the Archives section had gotten a bit out of control, so I decided to move that to another page all it’s own. After fighting with PHP code for most of the day, I stumbled upon a plug-in that would do exactly what I was looking for. What luck! Except for that one little bit that I didn’t quite have right… As I am prone to do in such situations, I hailed Alan who quickly diagnosed and solved the problem. I hate asking for help; I’d much prefer to figure it out on my own, but sometimes you really just need a second set of eyes. I did manage to figure out how to modify the theme code to include all the new pages in the header; so I had that under my belt at least.

The poker blogroll had also gotten a little out of hand, so it too now has its own page. And if I’ve missed you, please let me know. I’ll be happy to add you on.

Really though, how boring is it to read about the changes on a site, huh? Just click on through from your Reader there and come tell her how pretty she is, k?

[Oh, and go tell her sister too.]