I Should Be Doing Other Stuff

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Have to be at the airport in about 5 hours to pick up the Princess. I hope her Princess self doesn’t mind too much that the apartment isn’t 100% clean. I should have done it last night, but…there was poker to be played!

Played in the Full Tilt Lucky Player’s Freeroll last night. 1st paid out $2,500. I really was a lucky player when my first table was full of sit-outs. I got hand cramps from clicking “Raise” and then “Muck Hand” in rapid succession. The sad thing I was, I was actually getting good cards. I told Mourn I’d never see them again once I actually got to a table with live people.

I was half right. I got good cards, they just didn’t hold up unfortunately. Blinds at 200/400, 25 ante, I get Aces in the BB. Player to my right goes all-in for 3,614 and I happily call. He has K9s and hits a nine on the flop, and then the King hits on the river. I think I handled it well.

thisisnotapril (10/27/2005 9:46:58 PM): that elephant is a bastard
thisisnotapril (10/27/2005 9:47:08 PM): i hope he chokes on a peanut

My favorite moment came a few hands later, when one of my favorite railbirds came by. He decided to tell the table that I was a WSOP winner. Not the main event of course, the LO8 event. Cause nothing makes me happier than O8! Especially when it’s limit!! Of course, there was some cynicism at the table, and they asked for a name. There was only one I could think of that would actually show was a WSOP winner, yet still be believable for playing on-line…I think I served him well.

I called an all-in with pocket 3s (hush, it was a 4BB call and I had plenty of chips) and found myself up against AKs. I almost won too, except for that damn club on the river.

Finally, blinds 400/800 with 100 ante, I am offically short-stacked and push with KJs. Get called by AK and IGHN. I did win $40 for my efforts.

Later, I was apparently high and decided to join the kooks at the penny PLO8 tables. Story of my life last night was having tons o’ outs and never hitting. OK, except for this one hand. It’s not like I KNOW Omaha, alright???

I convinced a few suckers to play Razz with me. It was my birthday after all! Although at that point, only in LA. But since Speaker was there, it counted.

A word about Full Tilt – maybe one of our blogger buddies can shed some light on this – is there a mental institution or some other similar location where “guests” get to play for free, but only at the late night hours? Cause there are lots of total wackos hanging around there when the moon rises.

Case in point. As most of you know, my screen name everywhere but Stars is TexansBaby. And at times like this, I’m used to getting shit for it. When someone makes some remark (ala Drizz) I agree. What am I going to do? Go on about how there is talent on the team but for some reason they just can’t get it together? How Capers is an idiot? How he apparently has some 4th-year coaching curse? No. I smile and nod, like I normally do when dealing with morons. But for some people, that just doesn’t work. Name not protected because idiots don’t deserve such. Keep in mind the following took place over about 15 hands.

lvplayer: houston texans are a horrible nfl team
lvplayer: david carr is a horrible quarterback
TexansBaby: he’s cute, that’s all that matters
TexansBaby: i’m just a girl, after all
lvplayer: no, all that matters is that he wins and he can’t win
TexansBaby: um
TexansBaby: ok
TNSpaceman: what’s your deal?
lvplayer: she’s a texans fan and they suck
lvplayer: the texans are a disgrace to the nfl
lvplayer: they were 15 pt underdogs last week at home, LOL
lvplayer: i can’t play with a texans fan, i hate that team

And yes, then he actually left. People, if you need my NFL team affiliation to be your excuse for sucking at Razz, that’s a cross I’m willing to bear. Consider it a public service.

The loons didn’t end there. Heather wanted to play Stud, and even though I told her we were, in a manner of speaking, she wanted the real deal. OK fine. Off we go. I attempt to two table it for a while, but realize playing a low game at the same time you play hi-lo, where things like flushes and straights actually matter, probably isn’t the best idea.

At the stud table, we find a cute little gnome. (The gnome is my favorite FTP avatar). Joe joined us, and since he and Heather both have the monkey avatar, that led to this:

TNSpaceman: joe!
TexansBaby: two monkeys!
JoeSpeaker: time to fling poo
Innocent2: that makes you the monkey in the middle lol
Innocent: I AM A GNOME SIR
TexansBaby: gnomes are cute
Innocent (Observer): JK BEDTIME

Can these state hospitals at least use my affilate code when they sign up?

And for the record, Razz > Stud. My bankroll concurs.

Off now to finish up a few things, head in to work, and then pick up the Princess. Then it’s running errands before heading over to Adam’s, where I hope my luck changes a bit. I of course plan on winning, or at least outlasting Adam, CJ, and Scott. That pretty much means I have to win.

Tomorrow of course is the party. Please send the questions you would like asked of a drunk CJ or Heather. I’ll be podcasting. 😉

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes, all were greatly appreciated. Especially the ego-boosting from G-Rob. 😉