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Bed at 2 am…alarm at 7:30…ignore alarm…OH! But this time…actually GO to class…that’s new. 😀 Didn’t take a shower (ah, screw ’em…they got makeup at least) and didn’t make the shuttle, got hubby to drive me, but made the first day, which is more than most people do. My first time in “real” government classes…a little overwhelming…should be interesting. This one meets in the same room that my last government class did…made in A in that one, lets hope that karma carries over. The room is a WiFi hotspot, so that tends to get me in trouble sometimes. (I will not check pokerblogs in class…I will not check pokerblogs in class…) Actually, my biggest problem is the damn UltimateBuddy that logs on everytime I start up the computer…and it’s always so tempting to railbird. One time last semester instead of watching a very boring movie in class I watched John in an SnG at UB instead…and so when there was a question regarding said movie on a later test…yea, I had no clue. (But what’s the proper move UTG with Aces, huh? Ask me that!!)

As I said, this weekend was devoted to thinking and playing. Did more thinking than playing really. I did get to play in the College Poker Championship. 1900 players in the tournament. These are freerolls, held at Royal Vegas. Prize pools are $500 “scholarships” (cash, but since these are mainly under 21 players…can’t be encouraging them to gamble, now can we??). I did well…didn’t make mistakes, played tight, and agressive when I had a hand, and was at one table for the most part, so I had my image and was ready to start getting loose (come on Hammer!)…and then I get freakin’ moved! Don’t really like the set up at RV…don’t like the interface much and these tourneys move so fast. But anyway…at my new table…then I start making mistakes. I’ve got about 7K in chips…and pocket 10s. I’m in the hand with the big stack, who’s got about…ooo…18K, and one other guy, can’t recall how many chips he’s got (my note taking sucks, b/c again, action moves so fast, sorry). Anyway, flop comes 225. Chip leader bets out 1500. Now…I know he’s not the kind of guy to play anything that would have a 2 or a 5…so I know I have him beat. So my mistake here was to just call. I should have raised. (Other guy folds). Turn is another 5. Very scary board. He bets another 1500. Again, I call. Again, should have raised. River comes an Ace. He bets another 1500. And I knew…that he was the kind of guy to play a hand with an Ace. So I should have folded, and saved that 1500, knowing my read was right. But…since it was “just another 1500” (bull shit…a bet saved is a bet earned, I know that) I called…clinging to the last little bit of hope that my 10s might still be good. And of course, my read was right, he had an Ace, so he took it down.
That took me down to a little over 2K…and the blinds were rising. So I’m looking for my spot. Now, at this point, the kids are chatting about how we’re on the bubble. I’m terribly confused. Bubble? Only top 50 pay…and there are about 190 left. (And I’ve just knocked myself to the bottom them…having been ranked in the top 100 for the majority of the tournament). I pay no attention…this is a tournament after all…I want first only. I find AJ…this is a good a spot as any, especially since with the blinds now at 800/1600…I’m gonna be out soon. Well…it’s raised, and then re-raised all-in…oh well…I call all-in. The boys chat “Why are you all-in on the bubble?” and someone else says “You put too much value on AA as a starting hand”. Oh man…poker experts they are, huh? Sure, my AJ could have cracked the AA (course, it didn’t, I finished 188 ), but what’s wrong exactly with the whole “get your chips in when you have the best hand” concept? Can’t say I fault the AA guy for his all-in. As for the advice from bubble-boy…well, apparently, the top 10% in each of these weekly satellite tournaments qualify for a bigger satellite, with a prize pool of $5,000. Ah. I get it now. Well. Allow me to be crass, but a $5,000 freeroll doesn’t exactly get me wet…allthough it apparently has the coresponding effect on him. I can spend $10 and access tournaments with larger prize pools…hell, $5 if UB’s feeling particulary generous. I guess that’s the difference between being legal and not. Although if you do the math…I did burst the bubble, so there. 😛
Anyway…I’m just bitter…I don’t like children telling me how to play poker. People I respect, that’s one thing. (Still may not like it, but I’ll listen. ;))

Ring games…eh…about even. Not even worth opening up the main index template to update the stats section. Nothing grand. Oh…guess I could share this beauty. 😉

TexansBaby posts the small blind of $.10.
mike327 posts the big blind of $.25.
Dale1984 posts out of turn for $.25.

Klubdraw: — —
TexansBaby: 2h 7s
mike327: — —
HWTexas: — —
Dale1984: — —
mooflac: — —


HWTexas folds. Dale1984 checks. mooflac folds.
Klubdraw folds. TexansBaby calls. mike327 checks.

Flop (board: 7d 8c 2c):

TexansBaby bets $.50. mike327 folds. Dale1984
raises to $2.25. TexansBaby re-raises to $4.
Dale1984 goes all-in for $9.75. TexansBaby calls.

Turn (board: 7d 8c 2c Qd):

(no action in this round)

River (board: 7d 8c 2c Qd 2s):

(no action in this round)


Dale1984 shows 9h 9s.
Dale1984 has 9h 9s 2c Qd 2s: two pair, nines and deuces.
TexansBaby shows 2h 7s.
TexansBaby has 2h 7s 7d 2c 2s: full house, deuces full of sevens.

Hand #3898442-7391 Summary:

$1 is raked from a pot of $20.25.
TexansBaby wins $19.25 with full house, deuces full of sevens.

No one said a WORD. And he had just sat down…I busted him out completely with that. I would have made the required comment, but I could not stop laughing. With that hand, The Hammer has now become profitable for me. 🙂

Oh, but I lost my profits from that a few hands later…QQ vs. KK. (Bonus points if you can guess which one I had??)

Klubdraw is at seat 0 with $8.75.
TexansBaby is at seat 1 with $33.80.
mike327 is at seat 3 with $16.
HWTexas is at seat 4 with $8.80.
mooflac is at seat 6 with $40.60.
The button is at seat 1.

mike327 posts the small blind of $.10.
HWTexas posts the big blind of $.25.

Klubdraw: — —
TexansBaby: Qh Qc
mike327: — —
HWTexas: — —
mooflac: — —


mooflac calls. Klubdraw calls. TexansBaby raises to
$1. mike327 folds. HWTexas calls. mooflac folds.
Klubdraw re-raises to $4.35. TexansBaby re-raises to
$7.70. HWTexas folds. Klubdraw calls.

Flop (board: Kc 7d 6s):

Klubdraw goes all-in for $1.05. TexansBaby calls.

Turn (board: Kc 7d 6s 9h):

(no action in this round)

River (board: Kc 7d 6s 9h 6c):

(no action in this round)


Klubdraw shows Ks Kd.
Klubdraw has Ks Kd Kc 6s 6c: full house, kings full of sixes.
TexansBaby mucks cards.
(TexansBaby has Qh Qc.)

Hand #3898442-7407 Summary:

$.50 is raked from a pot of $18.85.
Klubdraw wins $18.35 with full house, kings full of sixes.

I swear…I haven’t seen this limping crap so much since BadBlood first wrote about it. Now…it’s everywhere!! Are we too popular for our own good? Or have I just been lucky/oblivious? I’m gonna go with the latter. 😉 Just to make sure you get the concept really beaten into your brain, be sure to check out Up For Poker. And then today on the shuttle ride home, I read this from Zen and the Art of Poker – “Would you rather have good cards when other players have good cards, or when they are weak and vulnerable? This is a Zen question with regard to poker. The latter is usually better. This is the time you will gain the most by having a confrontation. It is better to use your strength at this time, rather than during the times of their strength. There is a famous cautionary Zen quote that says: ‘When two tigers fight, one will be killed and the other will be seriously wounded.'”
I really really liked that…read that a few times over, especially that quote. For someone who has been getting a little too attached to her pocket pairs lately, and completely ignoring those signs from other players (or roars from tigers as it were) – it really hit home.

Found out I am a Bloggie panelist, so I’m voting for finalists. Unfortunately not voting for the “Best Topical Weblog” category, which is the one we fit into best, so I can’t put myself out there for bribes from any of y’all. Damn! (Feel free to make random deposits in my Party Poker account anyway though…just cause. :)) And now I have tons more blogs to go through…like I need to find more ways to waste my time??? Jeez!! So expect to see more links in the coming days… It’s very cool though. Finally a reason to like something about SXSW.

Excellent post by BadBlood, btw. Who wants to teach me about hand selection, etc. in 7 Card Stud? That was the very first game I ever learned how to play, and while I have a very basic grasp on it, I have no advanced knowledge. Point me towards a book? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I think that’s it…ooohh…confidential to Shelly – quoting The Crow to the Penguin?? That was awesome. I like you girl! 😉

Oh, also, I have a position open for a mentor. If anyone is interested. *shrug*

And regarding the AA vs. AK decision…well…here’s hoping third time is a charm. 🙂 Really gonna try. (Did ya get that Jennifer? How were your classes today? :D)

OK seriously, I’m going now. This has become Iggy-like. Well…just because of the hand histories. But really, I mean it. I’m going.