I question…

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…the intelligence of any poker player or friend/loved one of a poker player who bitches/whines/complains about needing chip counts for a tournament that has just begun and hasn’t finished/broken for the night. If your plan was to rely on a freakin blog for an update…well…again – intelligence questioned. Surely you realize that the moment pen was put to paper so to speak, the counts would have been changed, standings would be different, someone would have busted out, it would all be for naught. This is a game where it all changes hand by hand. Anyone who is a real player, loves a real player, etc. would know this. If your loved one hasn’t called you to tell you about their bad beat, you think that it’s a good bet they’re still in the tourney?? Let the day’s play end, and then you’ll get your counts and standings, OK?

So shut the fuck up and let the man do his damn job.

That is all.