I know you hate hand histories, BUT

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TexansBaby (UTG) calls. Purelyodd folds. Daddy26 folds.
JB6927 raises to $.50. ironmaster folds.
paulpaulbear folds. T1 folds. vpoulsbo folds.
Ben-Hur calls. TexansBaby re-raises to $2.10.
JB6927 calls. Ben-Hur folds.

Flop (board: 3h Kc Th):

TexansBaby bets $4.80. JB6927 calls.

Turn (board: 3h Kc Th 3s):

TexansBaby bets $7. JB6927 goes all-in for $18.15.
TexansBaby calls.

River (board: 3h Kc Th 3s 6s):

(no action in this round)


JB6927 shows Qh Ks.
JB6927 has Qh Ks 3h Kc 3s: two pair, kings and threes.
TexansBaby shows Ah Ad.
TexansBaby has Ah Ad 3h Kc 3s: two pair, aces and threes.

I love you Daddy.