I Kinda Sorta Fail To See How This Is Helping, Really

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So that FBI shutdown of PokerBandits? Apparently all a hoax, a “necessary evil” to spread the word about the injustice we’re suffering at the hands of our government. Cause you know, poker players were pretty much in the dark about that sort of thing.

I don’t get it. Aside from probably fueling the Doyle arrested fire, I don’t see what this hoax really accomplished. And, you know, I can’t think of a better way to assure yourself of eventual closing by the [insert favorite government agency here] than spreading word all over the intertubes about how you were shut down for pretty clearly offering a way around US law. If the real goal here was to just generate buzz, it seems like a simple post on 2+2 or pseudo-press release to oh, say a hundred or so poker bloggers would have been a better marketing strategy.

But what do I know? It certainly did get us talking.

Hat-tip to uftguy [who is either a reader or a mad Google searcher] for the news.