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‘Round about last summer I went to Vegas for a weekend, part “see my reporter friends before they hit the downward part of the WSOP”; but bigger part – to meet up with an awesome dude I had met a few months prior, and maybe have a date or two and see if he was as good in person as he was on paper. We had our first date at the MGM West Wing Bar, followed by dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s, then rounded things off with a stop at the craps table because 1) they always seem to put those things RIGHT where you need to be walking, and 2) because he had been in Vegas for almost 12 hours at that point and hadn’t yet gambled other than a sports book bet placed on the NBA Championship, and “needed to feel like he was in Vegas”. So far so good.

He passed the first test with flying colors, so why not just throw him into the advanced class? The next morning there was a brunch with Dawn, then a trip to the Rio and finding an F-Train. Dawn and I then left him at the hooker bar while we explored the Diamond Lounge (which, in hindsight, is probably NOT the place to park a guy you just started dating), and then capped a full day off with a blogger meal – Spaceman, Caity, F-Train, VinNay, Jen. If you can survive that group and not walk away wondering what the hell you have just gotten yourself into, then we’re good, right? Or maybe I’m just so awesome it totally overpowers the sometimes odd antics of my friends.

At any rate, it was a weekend that went very well. As did the one two weeks after that, and the one a month after that, and so and so on. Long story short, the girl who was just a year ago was absolutely-not-looking-or-interested-in-having-any-relationship had herself one. A pretty great one. Complicated only by the fact that he was in California, and me, well, I’m in Texas.

But only for 45 days more. Because you see, it kinda sucks when you’re 2,000 miles away from the person you love more than anything in the world. And it sucks not having them there for the big stuff, the tough stuff, the fun stuff, the day-to-day life stuff. It sucks making a trip to the airport every month, and rearranging your life chores in ways that will maximize your frequent flier miles. It sucks flying in said plane next to a lovey-dovey couple and the turbulence is terrible and a little scary and she keeps hugging on him which makes her feel better; and you, well, you would if you could but you can’t. Because you just left your him. It sucks so much that you might even find yourself willing to leave your family, friends, amazing coworkers, life as you know it, and relocate to a part of the world that you’ve always loved, but understand they have some weird geophysical thing going on that sometimes shakes buildings and stuff without any warning. Also, they don’t have Tex-Mex. Or Whataburger. I really don’t get how people live.

Vegas and I will find out though, as we load up into the Mustang and start the drive to our new home. We’ll be traveling in March, and you know, Arizona is totally on the way, so perhaps I will now finally get to say I have been to Spring Training. Naturally, Scott was one of the first people I told, and naturally, he had questions.

1. You got a job or are you just going to be living off your looks as a trophy for your new man?

2. Will you be supporting local sports teams or like a good woman switch your allegiances to your mans favorites?

3. You are not pregnant now but when do you expect to be?

While I no doubt would make an excellent trophy, I’ll leave that status to Vegas instead, and am working on the whole work thing now. I will always be a fan of Houston teams, and while I may attend the occasional A’s game in honor of JoeSpeaker, I’m not really interested in the Giants and honestly didn’t realize the 49ers were still playing football. Jason’s teams are the Patriots and RedSox, one of which I was already well on board with due to Scott’s influence and some movie. The other, well, I can be convinced. I now have to learn about basketball and hockey. I’ve been to one hockey game so far; made all the better by the team mascot and the fact that hot chocolate is a totally acceptable sporting event beverage. Scott likes to mention pregnancy because he’s dying for cool parents that he can hang out with while the kids play, but as I keep reminding him, I will not be joining that club anytime soon. I make an awesome aunt though.

I’m excited. It’s a big change, and I know as it gets closer it’s going to get a whole lot more REAL, and I’ve tried to prepare all those close to me for the inevitable crying and freak outs. It’s absolutely the right thing to do though, and I don’t doubt it for a second. I love this man more than I ever imagined I could. One of the good things about long-distance relationships is that you get to the big issues fast, and communication is paramount and doubly important – all really good things to build on. I am, however, scared that it’s been the long-distance that has actually made us work – but I also know there’s no one I’d rather be with at the end of the day, every day. Luckily, I get to be.