“I had Jacks”

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Thursday night wasn’t the first time that we had a gathering of Austin bloggers around the felt, but it was the first time that a)we hosted an out-of-town blogger and b)the majority of the players were bloggers.

We started off with a little $20 tournament, 8 players total; top 2 places paying out. In the dealer position (*ahem*) was Scott, 1 seat was BSN, 2 seat was moi, 3 seat was Brian, Scott’s friend, who has a website, but it’s not exactly poker related…, 4 seat was Scurvydog, 5 seat was the BrokeGambler, 6 was Bobo, and 8 was his friend/co-worker of mine and Scott’s/poker newbie Rob.

We saw a lot of action right from the get-go, with BSN taking Scott out of the tourney on the second hand, when he flopped a boat that just got better on the river. Rob’s goal for the night was complete, having managed to last longer than Scott.

Bust-out pride!

I actually played goot. So goot in fact that it came down to BrokeGambler and I as the final two, and we agreed to chop. I would have liked to play out the heads-up match anyway, being a fan of those and all, but…there were a bunch of addicts sitting around, waiting for the cash game to start, particularly this loud one who hadn’t played a hand in a couple of hours…

We start the cash game, losing Rob in the process (something about a roast in the oven…still not sure if that was a euphemism or what). First hand out I deal myself Kings, raise to $2 (we’re playing .25/.50, max $20 buyin) and get no callers. A few hands later I get Aces. BSN, on my left, had raised, I re-raised. He calls. Flop comes harmless looking enough, but I don’t slowplay. BSN catches two pair on the turn, and bye-bye stack. I am left with 75 cents. Yes, cents. Scott asks me if I am ready to re-buy. I tell him no, I’m going to see what I can do with my three little chips. (Some people have no faith).

Next hand I find KJ diamonds. Quess what? All-in. Brian calls, with something like 5-3 spades. I inform him that is dominated, and I double up. Then I find a blogger’s best friend…well, good friend, since it was suited. 7 on the flop, all-in again.

Look at that background. See how they disrespect the power of the hammer? And where’s the love for my amazing comeback skills?

From there, I then got into it with Scott, and while I don’t exactly remember the details (notes? who takes notes??) I know it resulted in lots oh chips, and put me over my $20 buyin. Might have been my AQ vs. his TT. Could have been a flush. We saw the hammer no less than 15 times during the game, and had a notable drop of the jackhammer. The hammer was a winner each time. There were times that it was laid down (I will withhold the name of the individuals who did so), but we played it out just to see, and it indeed would have won. Brian remarked at one point “It’s like a contest for who can play the shittest cards. ‘I’m going to play this hand because it has a name!!!'”

I made the comment when I rebuilt my stack over $20 that I should quit then. I of course did not. I then left the game with $9. Oh well. Playing with bloggers is always -EV. I still had my tourney win, so I was up for the evening, and of course had had a blast. I even stuck around with Scott and Brian for a while and donated $5 to the SnG crapshoot format that they love so much. Scott went out first there as well. 🙂

I headed home and called John to share my good news, as he’s been telling me lately that he really thinks I can do well in tournaments, and I’ve been….smiling and nodding. 🙂 Then I was challenged to a heads-up match, and while I was a little tired, I do enjoy those, so…I won 3/3. I made the comment that the cards were liking me that day, and I should find a ring game.

That was a bad idea. Stupid poker. Like Maigrey said, it’s like men and kittens – annoying until it does something sweet that makes you go “awwww”. I’d like to add big fat orange tabby cats to the kitten category, but yea, that about sums it up.