i don’t want to swim the ocean

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My iPod is turning sentient. I’m convinced it’s trying to speak to me with the song selection it shuffles to at the most opportune of moments. Now it’s started playing songs in meaningful groups, like this playlist from a recent drive.

“Everything You Want” – Vertical Horizon
“Fell in Love With A Boy” – Joss Stone
“Hate Me” – Blue October

Once the third one started, my passenger turned to me and said “I think it’s talking to you again.” She’s probably right, though we can’t decide on exactly who it’s talking about. I don’t mind the electronic commentary; it usually makes me smile, but I think a far better trick would be for it to pick lotto numbers. And then go buy the ticket for me.

Aside from portable electronic devices trying to communicate with me their feelings on my life choices, not a lot happening around here. As usual, I should have been in bed hours ago. Work can be summed up with this and free time can be summed up with this

The unbearable lightness of being