Houston, we have a problem…

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Colorado Springs forecast

My plan was to leave Saturday…but um…baby doesn’t do snow. I’m from Texas, remember??

This lead to the following e-mail exchanges:

ME, to my best friend Jana: WTF???
They’re just kidding about that snow shit, right? RIGHT??

I get three replies from her e-mail:

when are you coming!!!!!

hell no there is like 12 inches on the ground now and still snowing

call me i have found the a sweet poker room.

That last one confirmed my suspicion that Fred (her husband, who taught me to play Hold’Em last June) had taken over her computer during her lunch hour.

But seriously. SNOW??? That I have to like, drive in??? Crap.

The last time I was in Colorado it hailed every day. Now that I can handle. Hell, I went out and got my nails done in that. I’m from Texas. Thunderstorm/tornado warning? Pppfffttt. SNOW?? Gee, sure would be nice if I had a laptop so I could hole up inside where it’s nice and warm… [on hold with those bastiches at Best Buy now – it’s been a month dammit!! OK – they suck.] And really, who am I kidding, Fred will have the AC on like always. (Note to self: pack blanket).

But I’m looking forward to a week of poker. Colorado may have a weird-ass version of Hold’em that they let you play in casinos, but that was my first taste of casino poker and I. want. more.

Oh, and I want to see Jana too.

I’ve got a final paper due in my Presidential Electoral Politics class in May, and I see no reason why I shouldn’t put her freaky three-degree gettin’ brain to work!