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Left Hawaii at 5:55 pm 12/30 and arrived at 5:00 something am central time 12/31. An 8 hour flight that wouldn’t be so bad if you’re one of those people that can sleep on the plane. I apparently am one of those that cannot. If I had taken some drugs, oh sure, no problem, but I was determined to make the whole flight on my own (and I did – both of them – without even so much as a white-knuckled grip on the seat or another person). I’m not sure what brought on my fear of flying, but I think it was once I met my husband and realized I kinda had a life I wanted to see played out. (And don’t bother with facts and figures about more likely to die in car wrecks, etc. – this is an irrational fear, I am fully aware of it. Besides, I’m getting better.) It got worst on the last family trip with the in-laws, to DisneyWorld, way back in 97. (Didn’t help with my stepson sitting next to me, looking through the little booket of all the different plane types, and asking about the model we were on “Are these the ones that blow up?” Love those kids.) At one point the turbulence was so bad the plane dropped a considerable amount of feet, and I litteraly thought “I’m going to die”. Since then I have flown ONCE, to Denver for a business trip a few years ago. My father, looking after his little girl as he does, sent me off with his gold card and my husband. One of these I know he regrets to this day… The purpose of my husband going along was to make sure I actually got on the plane and didn’t just chicken out and book it to Denver in my car at the last minute, which is totally like me, since I consider Colorado to be within driving distince. But I did ok that flight, just those “snuggle” moments at take-offs and landings. See? Baby-steps. I’m getting better. I bet I could fly all by myself now. (Although by no means am I wanting anyone to present me with an opportunity to prove this just yet).

Had a great time in Hawaii, have lots of photos etc. Managed to get sick again the last few days there, so right now I’m feeling kinda crummy so I’ll give you the full trip report later. Yes, I was the sick person on the plane for the return flight home. There was a woman in the row of seats in front of us that every time I coughed she would turn around and glare. Glare. WTF? Like I was happy about it anymore than she was? I was so close to beating over the head with my box of Kleenex.

Please excuse any rambling and gross spelling errors. Remember I’m not alltogether with it. I’ll think I’ll go see what everyone else was up to while I was gone.