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My first trip to Vegas without getting sick and this time I think I’ve got a lasting souvenir. Not that. Despite being straddled more times than I can count, I was a good girl this trip. No, I’m referring to the very likely torn ligament in my right ankle. Heels + Vegas + a monorail that dumps you out at the furthest possible spot from the MGM poker room = bad.

I’ll find time to do a trip report sometime this week, but remember I am a college girl with finals this week too. Plus, I honestly have no idea how to write it all up at this point.

I do have highlights –

  • Learning how to play PaiGow, but apparently badly. Down $110
  • Watching Heather get addicted to blackjack.
  • Three fantastic meals with equally fantastic company. A post-tourney lunch with Geek and Kori was great too, but I don’t exactly put PandaExpress in the fantastic category. Nor the IP Buffet.
  • Seeing the beautiful sight of an MGM poker room filled with bloggers on a Friday night.
  • Missing a meeting that multiple people have assured me multiple times I will get, and still never have, despite having plenty of opportunity. YOU ALL SUCK BY THE WAY. 🙂
  • All-in preflop with Aces. Ace on flop. Jason yelling “Them’s quads bitches!” a moment later.
  • Bringing G-Rob to his knees in the middle of the Excal poker room.
  • $2/$6 half-kill Vegas Hold’Em with bloggers and FTP illuminati.
  • Vegas Hold’Em in general
  • Goddamn blackjack. Down $300
  • Random blogger meetings at the MGM.
  • Busting Red Shirt
  • “Write that down!” – said to Alan many many times during a late night game at the MGM.
  • Sunday in the Sportsbook
  • Killing time (and the game) pre-flight at the IP in a $4/$8 with Bobby Blackjack and Alan.
  • This little gem, as spoken by an 80-year-old man, and overheard as I stood in line to board my plane home:

    “Well, I was going to get something to read but I got lucky and found a couple of new Playboys under the seat, so I’m fine.”

    I love Vegas.

  • Winning it all back and then some playing poker. Apparently I really do know what I’m doing.
  • Wanting to go back right now.

It was wonderful seeing everyone. I have precious few pictures, but lots of memories. Love you all and can’t wait to see you again.