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I miss my iPod. Currently it’s making its way to California, where hopefully it can be fixed. Or replaced by a new iPod with color screen, I wouldn’t mind that at all…
Music is a big deal to me and the laptop just isn’t doing it, even when I hook it up to the speakers. Plus I can’t exactly listen to my laptop as I’m walking across campus. To add to the torture, my car CD player seems to be playing songs very slowly. I nearly called a Wilco expert or two the other day to confirm that indeed the tempo was a bit off, but in the end decided I would stick with my own assessment that I was not crazy.

I might be wrong. On the not being crazy part at least.

I have no motivation to write. I have no motivation to get up in the morning. This is a bad thing, seeing as how I have a 10am class.

I am full of questions and lack any real answers. I am going through the motions here, with school and life in general. Do I want to remain a government major? I don’t know. What else would I major in? I’m trying hard to recapture that passion I once had for politics, but I think I’m falling short. At least now I’m actually interested in school, which is a change, and a plus.

I think I’m still in the “home from Vegas” slump. I love Austin, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a little depressing to know that the majority of my friends don’t live here. I feel like I should be somewhere else instead. I’d move, but I’m still tied down here.

I have a million things I need to do. Change my name, get the license sticker for my car (about 6 months late on that one), finish unpacking, go to the grocery store, organize my apartment the way I want it, possibly paint my bedroom…then there are the things I want to do – namely read.

I’m alone for the first time in my life. I love that I can go and do whatever I want whenever I want, but it still doesn’t feel quite right. Not quite “me” – like I’m still doing the things that are wanted for me, not so much the things I want for myself. I guess that means I have some decisions to make…

At any rate, please feel free to ignore my ramblings. This is more of a “where my head is at” post…and may be the last one for a while. Bob’s latest kinda struck a cord with me, as it echos much of what I’ve been thinking lately. I don’t see myself playing much in the coming days, so I won’t have much to say on the poker topic (not that you were coming here for deep insights into the game or anything like that). But happy birthday blog, nonetheless. Maybe I’ll take it back to its roots and go back to rambling about various events of the day, writing for my audience of five.

I’m just burnt out is all. With a lot of things. Just give me time…