Hey look! Poker!!

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Somewhat Lesser Known Rules Of Tournament Poker:

  • The person who suggests you take part in a late-night, $1 crazy LOLdonkament rebuy will be the one to not rebuy when he busts and instead go to bed.
  • When you’re not trying to win, you will.
  • It’s always a good idea to know where the bubble is. More importantly though, it’s a good idea to know what the bubble is. (It’s the part right before you make the money.) If 81 places pay, the guy who busts out 82nd is the bubble. If you suddenly find that your tables are playing hand to hand, and then return to normal after a few hands? Most likely you have a burst bubble and are in teh mobneys. It’s important to know these things because when you then make comments about the hands after that as being “on the bubble”, you look kinda dumb.
  • LOLDonkaments are best experienced in the company of good friends.
  • Even if those friends finish the tourney higher than you, you still win if you don’t rebuy or addon. Seriously, it’s in Robert’s Rule of Poker and everything. I promise. It’s in there. Hidden. Secret page. But it’s there.

First Rule of Tournament Poker