Hey look maw! It’s words!

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In the spirit of Dawn Summers (and in a desire to get something text up here, cause wholy Analytics Batman!), I present recent conversations of note:

1. Scene: Astros game with several friends, where the discussion of Kiss Cams and marriage proposals comes up. I announce that I very much want a baseball park proposal*. Brandi, to my right, responds “Yeah. That’d be perfect for you”, then goes on to act out such an event: “April… April… I have a question” and you’re all “Shh, I’m watching the game. Get me a beer!”

2. Scene: Walking back from Minute Maid park to a friend’s apartment building – the very building I swore I would only move back to Houston if I could live in it due to it’s proximity to the ballpark. I ask her, when the windows are open and so is the Minute Maid roof, can she hear the game? Sadly, she tells me no and my dreams are shattered. She then offers up “But when Madonna was at the Toyota Center I could hear her!” to which Brandi replies “Are you sure it wasn’t two cats fighting outside your window?”

3. Scene: Holding down the stools at Anvil; I chat with a friend about a girl I suspect he’s crushing on. His response: “Are you serious??!? The girl goes to church on Sunday!”

4. Scene: Work, me having just gotten off the phone and heading to a meeting. I remark how much I just love starting off my day with semi-angry phone calls from the label. Fayza remarks, “It’s 9am. Isn’t that too early for someone in music to be calling??”

5. Scene: GTalk with Ben today. [Because apparently today was Musician Work Day, but no one sent the managers an advance memo so we could turn off our cell phones.]

me: i realize that bookers want to talk “the lingo” to musicians, but using words like “yo” “prob” and “stoked” drive me nuts
ben: That’s why I only say “amped” and “shredded”

More when the mood strikes (often) and time allows (very, very, very rare). I’m trying to be better; but I’m done promising. And I’m this close to turning this thing over to Tumblr.

* Don’t get any ideas. I did not say SOON.