Hey look, 34 dollars…

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So remember how in the last UB freeroll I tried, I took 96th place and won 50 cents?

Well last night (or rather, very early this morning) I did another, and finished 4th, and won $34.

No real memorable hands (no 7/5 in the BB flopping a boat and making quads on the river this time), but the key was – no big mistakes.

I got lucky early on, with my two pair Q 10, possible flush on the board, I knew my opponent didn’t have it, I was all in…he did have a straight though…but I made a boat on the river.

As for mistakes…eh. At one point I had AKo and the board came x K x, all clubs. It’s bet to me by the short stack, minimum bet. My thought was…he’s either got 2 clubs or 1, and he’s looking for a call or a raise, and he’ll go all-in. I might have the best hand at this point, but I really don’t want to take the chance of doubling him up. So I folded. And I showed. I’m putting this up for discussion – is there any advantage you think in showing that you can make laydowns like that? My thought was, it shows that you’re not afraid to walk away from a big hand…and that you know how to read your opponent, etc. etc. (assuming you’re correct in doing so…it can backfire at times) – all combining for table image. In John’s opinion (my mentor) if anything, it just makes you more open to a bluff. So I don’t know. I suppose I could have bet him all in on that hand…I did consider it, I had the chips certainly, but they were mine, dammit, all mine!! 🙂 Not for the shortstack! With my red cards and all the black ones on the board…I just felt like it was a bad idea…

I ended up going out against quad jacks. And really, I am of the opinion that if you’re going to go out in a tourney, against quads is the way to go. (Well…there is the Royal too, but let’s get real here). All total I was in bed about 6 am. I’d like to say that’s the last time I’ll be up till 6 playing poker, but…I know better. 😉

Fixed! Thanks for the heads up SirFWALGMan. Since I am, as my husband put it, a “poker blog whore”, seeing that post from you, that you actually were reading MY little ‘ole blog and finding things worthy of commenting on…well…made my day to say the least.

And then today…talk about making the big time! Thanks Iggy…your compliments mean a lot. In your honor I include this random picture of my best friend’s son…kind of fitting, as his father was the one who got me so addicted interested in playing poker again in the first place.