hey don’t you wanna be the man i adore?

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  • I like my job. I like anything that involves me sitting at a bar laughing hysterically with a coworker behind the boss’s backs and then blaming it on the All Star game. “No, seriously… that home run was really funny.”
  • Alan was in town last weekend for 35 innings of baseball. Had a great time; am working on a write up for UpForSports because I need to blog more dammit. Will alert you when it’s up.
  • Geek is at the WSOP and posting over at Expert Insight and Pokerati. Go say hi.
  • No, you cannot leave comments right now. Yes, I’m aware. Blame the spammers. For some reason the Prof gets a little concerned about things like server loads during the World Series of Poker. You can always email, ya know.
  • I like beer. [And you can thank it for this post!] I will drink any brand so long as it comes in a cool blue bottle with the Astros logo on it. If I could buy it anywhere other than Minute Maid park, I totally would.
  • I really am trying to be better with the whole blogging thing, I swear. Despite what the bullet lists might indicate. I just haven’t had time to sit down and get all deep into thought about heavy shit, really. Much. I should. It’d be good for me, and possibly more entertaining. But seriously? Blogging is vain. And despite my love of all things Sephora, that’s not a word I really would use to describe myself.
  • I use the word seriously too much. Second to it is f’reals. Apparently, I am a 12 year old girl.
  • May you never have to watch the woman who raised you to be strong and independent fall apart right before your eyes.
  • Best line from the bar tonight – better even than Scott going on about much he loves a man in a Navy uniform – was the frat boy dumbass who asked the guy next to us “Hey, have you heard of Lenny Bruce?”. See people, this is what happens when you get your history from an R.E.M. song. And why I am so glad to be out of school.

I highly doubt any of you have ever heard the song this title comes from:

Bunky – Chuy