Here’s Something

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I’ve been trying to write a post for days now. Start it, then hate it and trash it. Try again…and repeat. Have a variety of things to say, but just can’t get ’em out.

Scott to the rescue.

[01:18] williamscottmcmillan: $1080 good?
[01:19] thisisnotapril: what?
[01:19] williamscottmcmillan: is that enough or do I need to keep going?
[01:19] thisisnotapril: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?
[01:19] williamscottmcmillan: yes
[01:19] thisisnotapril: you suck

If you haven’t been reading Scott’s site, you’ve missed his tale of turning $25 into $3K, in a matter of weeks. Quite impressive.

Being the poor college student that I am, money for Vegas is a bit hard to come by. I do have a fluffy white dress and a $3K diamond ring that I can sell, but that takes time. The natural thing to do is gamble with money earned via gambling, but that too takes time, and it’s a rather precious commodity lately.

During my government class Wednesday, I got a great idea. Give Scott $25 and let him go wild with it. He has the time and most certaintly the skill, plus he wants me to have plenty of money in Vegas so I can have a absolutely fantastic time and then come home a happy little (very productive) employee.

I admit to being a bit sheepish about the whole thing, since the idea of having someone else pad your bankroll seems a little…wrong. But I have a tendency to push too hard and try to make things happen when I feel I have a goal that must be reached, for whatever reason. Better for me to take my time and let growth come on its own. And since I don’t have that time, better to let a willing party help me out. So go wish him luck for me.