Happy Thanksgiving

Nothing quite as festive as a blue-state (at heart) girl being driven through a red-state with a native resident.

Nice to be back in Colorado, though it is a little bit cold. Seeing as how I learned to play hold’em here, I’d say the odds of finding my way into a game are pretty damn high.

Hope everyone has a great holiday!

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. DrChako says:

    I lived in Aurora for a year and I still miss the mountains. Enjoy.

    Any room left in the December ’06 WPBT for another rogue blogger?

  2. Michael says:

    Drive through it in a couple of years. It WILL be a blue state by then. :-)

    (Could you change your link to my blog, “Counting My Outs”, to http://www.countingmyouts.com? Thx!)

  3. pokerpeaker says:

    Hey, April, where were you in Colorado? I’m in greeley!

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