Happy Opening Day!

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Things I haven’t done yet but probably will:

1. Break down and call the cable company and sign up for another year of Extra Innings
2. Convince my IT guys that I should be allowed to stream video across the network since they break the rules too, and then sign up for mlbTV. Or just skip the convincing part.

One thing I will for sure do is attend Astros opening day which is next Monday (the REAL opening day for me). This was decided late last night, and I can see the conversation with my boss now.

I’m going to be off next Monday.
“But that report is due.”
Yes, but it’s Opening Day.”
“But… the report…”
“O….kay… just have that done before you go…”

And today, Steve the iPod will be playing the baseball playlist several times I’m sure. Maybe even drawing from it on his own, as surely his sentient little self understands the significance of today. I’d turn the playlist into a Muxtape for y’all like all the cool kids are doing (catbird ftw) but most of it is not in mp3 format and I’m in no mood to convert. So you get a list:

1. Centerfield – John Fogerty
2. Go Go Astros – if you spent anytime in the Astrodome in the 1980s, you remember this song. And it’s about as cheesy as you’d expect based on the description.
3. Houston Loves The Astros – same as above. These are not easy to find though, and really, no better way to torture the non-Astros fan with you.
4. Turn it Up (Astros Version) – Chamillionaire
5. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond (sorry metsgrrl)
6. Who Killed Tangerine – Tears for Fears (we’ve covered this before)

Short, but sweet. Gives me plenty of time to move on to my new musical obsession, French hip-hop.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Opening Day, unless you’re a Padres fan, in which case I hope you cry like a little girl!

Faces of Hunter Pence

Faces of Hunter Pence, via sulla55 on flickr