Hand Quiz: The Warning Track

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I called up a friend of mine (who is a much more superior poker player) after going deep and busting in the 7,500 Guaranteed this morning.

“Hello?” He answered.
“So I’ve Got Ace-Queen….” I replied immediately, which got a chuckle. I wasn’t hung up on because I typically don’t call people with Bad beat stories, I just want to know whether played something right.

So, with 35 people left and in the money, I felt like the lone tight player in a sea of horrid play. I was playing rather well and picking my spots right, and my table image was nice and solid. I’d only shown AQ, AK, KK, and QQ in the last hour. The player to my left, Horseshoe, had gone from micro-stacked to big stack in a matter of an orbit and a half, sucking out on three all-in hands, one of which tripled him up by spiking a deuce on the river. With blinds at 600-1200-100 ante, his loose passive play had taken him from 1100 to 19,000.

Meanwhile, i sat at 18,500 with AQo on the button.

Folded to me, and I made it 3600 to go. Horseshoe flat called from the Small Blind without much hesitation, which made me raise my eyebrow slightly.

Then, complicating matters worse, the Big Blind, who I had no read on, pushed from the big blind with 8,000 chips.

There’s only two moves here: Fold or All-in.

So, your move?