Goodbye to PokerWire

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Some sad news from the most accurate and reliable tournament reporters:

As many of you know, both the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour have both signed exclusive deals with competing magazines for media coverage. With these new deals in place, media outlets like are no longer allowed to post live updates or chip counts. The WPT exclusive took us by surprise; over the last six months we had put together a team of reporters that was second to none in the industry.

There were many complaints by the media about limited access during the WSOP—but the WSOP restrictions seem almost lax compared to the press release about the WPT’s new arrangement. The wording in the press release stated “Floor Access via escorted PR escort ONLY” in fifteen-minute increments and that “there will no longer be designated areas for media with tables, chairs, internet access and power.”

We were pleased to see that the spirit behind the restrictions was much more gracious than the rules themselves. The WPT PR representatvies have been as accomodating as possible since our arrival. However, business decisions had to be made, and the loss of live updates and chip counts means that PokerWire can no longer continue to support a full staff and radio show.

Read the full update here. Big thanks to all the PokerWire staff for their excellent work over the years, and good luck!