God I Love This Town

Posted by in Vegas

I leave the Rio, a wee bit teary, due in large part to the big hug from Pauly that I got as I left the media room. I get in my car, taking one last look at the Rio, and decide instead of taking the back roads that I’ve become so familiar with, to take a drive down the Strip with windows down and Casino Queen blaring.

I arrive at the MGM and make my way to the elevator, bypassing the poker room even though I’d love to say goodbye to the friends I’ve made there the past few days. In the elevator with me is a nicely dressed woman and a young couple getting off on the 5th floor. We ride in silence until the doors open and the couple departs. I take note of the woman’s high heels and short skirt, and think I make out the outline of her panties underneath her sheer skirt, but think nothing of it. It’s Thursday night in Vegas and the weekend has begun, bringing out all the club wear.

That is, until I overhear the woman ask her companion “What’s your name?” He murmurs some reply, then asks her the same, as they walk off to his room to no doubt discuss financial arrangements.

There is a moment pause and then the elevator doors close to whisk myself and the remaining passanger to our beds.

“Did you hear that? What’s your name???”

“I did.”

“What’s your name??” she says again, as we both have a laugh at some poor 20-something’s expense.

“Gotta love Vegas” I say.

And I do.