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A recent post by Mr. Hollywood, a/k/a the PokerGeek, reminded me of a little project I’ve been meaning to work on.

There are 3 feeds from this site – RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, and an Atom feed. I’ve always been subscribed to the Atom feed, you know, to make sure everything looked OK on Bloglines. (Don’t act like you aren’t subscribed to your own site!) The Atom feed is perfect – full entries, links work fine…it’s beautiful. I subscribed to the RSS feeds recently to see what they looked like, and noticed they were kinda ugly. No full entries, links don’t work, RSS 1.0 shows entries later than the others…booooo. And of course, the majority of you are subscribed to RSS 2.0.

So, I decided I needed to fix this. Mind you, I know nothing about RSS. I can subscribe to a feed no problem. Modify one? I’m likely to break something.

Enter the intarnets. I found this site and it told me exactly what I needed to do. I love instructions like that – “Just do this. Don’t worry about why”.

So I did. And now, the RSS feeds should show the full entry, and just for grins, RSS 2.0 will even give you the comments!

Assuming I did it right that is. I’ve rebuilt everything, but…Bloglines no worky. So keep your fingers crossed for me (and you! It’s all for you really!) and lets hope Bloglines is just on a lag or something.

Of course, with my fingers crossed, it makes it hard to type…