“Gawd, sometimes we are such assholes in Texas!”

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For now, I’m trying to focus on the positives of the day and the good friends I was lucky enough to share in the moment with. I’ve forced myself to close down the Texas state-wide election results as they do not look good for the Democratic party. At all… like even by Texas standards. Probably should have checked in with those while I was still drinking. And much like I stated to the PokerGeek via IM earlier this evening as we awaited the polls to close, I’m hoping that somewhere in California there is a box or twelve of ballots laying around marked “NO” on Prop 8, as right now it’s not looking so hot for that one.

As one of my favorite bloggers tweeted tonight:

Prop. 8 (maybe?) passing in CA and Al Franken (maybe?) losing in MN is a reminder that change is a process that started, not ended, tonight.

Agreed, but we’re off to one hell of a start.

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Post title comes from the remark made by a friend tonight upon seeing that despite our hopes and dreams, Texas would not be turning blue. We did our parts, but clearly so much more to be done.