Gamble for Good #wpbt

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I was reading yesterday about a woman lamenting how her generous friend would pay for them to both go to dinner, spa days, etc. and how it made the friend feel bad because she couldn’t afford these things but her friend could, and as a result, was always paying. She wanted it to stop. And having been on both sides of that coin, I understood her feeling but also knew that the generous friend was paying because she could, because she wanted the company, and at no point was she ever doing it out of pity or charity. And the thing that came across in the comments was “Think if the roles were reversed. If you could help, you would, because that’s what friends do.”

And it got me thinking. This little community we have here, of assorted misfits and degenerates, we’ve come together in good time and bad. It used to be so much easier. Bored on a Friday night? Log in to Poker Stars and fire up IRC – there’s your friends. Find yourself in a tough time or just passionate about a cause? Organize a charity poker tournament and have your wildest expectations exceeded. Now? Now it’s harder. [There. Criminalizing online poker keeps us from raising needed funds to cure cancer. There’s your PR angle. You’re welcome.]

Many of you know that one of the “OG” Poker Bloggers, The Fat Guy, was recently diagnosed with cancer and has been blogging his treatment journey. He’s got a lot under his belt so far but still has a long road ahead of him. I mention this here because one, if you can, I know a donation would be appreciated. And I really wanted to find a way to make the WPBT WInter Classic an event for TFG, similar to the tourneys we used to run online. Unfortunately, as we know, the rules regarding brick & mortar events are far more complex than those (rules?) surrounding online play. So we have to get creative.

I for one, will be dedicating my play in the tourney to TFG. On the off chance that I win the tourney, I pledge half my winnings to him. So, you should all fold when in a hand against me. Just make a note.

Seriously though, I count myself incredibly lucky to be able to make this trip and see you all. In the spirit of the holidays, thankfulness, or whatever reason you can muster, I’d encourage us all to play a hand for our favorite cause, roll the dice for a friend, let it ride in the name of doing good. Just cause you can.

Final WPBT details coming later today… wrapping up a few last details.