Funny girls…

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[12:55] maigrey101: i had a dream last night that i was talking to thunder keller
[12:55] thisisnotapril: LOL
[12:55] thisisnotapril: dork
[12:56] thisisnotapril: why not e-dog???
[12:56] maigrey101: I dunno!
[12:56] maigrey101: I woke up at 3 am and went: wow, that’s really freaking weird
[12:57] thisisnotapril: LOL
[12:57] thisisnotapril: we could start a service
[12:57] thisisnotapril: “Analyzing Your Poker Dreams”
[12:57] peacecorn: back
[12:57] thisisnotapril: you missed Heather’s dream confession
[12:57] thisisnotapril: (she’s a freak)
[12:58] peacecorn: LOL, I read that as “talking to Helen Keller”. I was going to ask HOW?
[12:58] thisisnotapril: LMAO
[12:58] thisisnotapril: very very loudly
[12:58] thisisnotapril: