Fred, be proud

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So I played in my first ever poker tournament the other night, and out of 6143 players, I finished 2048th. Let’s see, breaking out the old math skills…of which I have none…that would put me in the…33.34 percentile (I so had to find a website to tell me that…how sad am I?). Anyway, today I played in another. And there were 7839 players in it, and I finished…are you ready? 982nd!! Which would put me in the 12.53 percentile. I am rather proud of myself. I didn’t chase straights or flushes…much. 🙂 (I always hear Fred’s voice…”We don’t chase the straight”) But sometimes…just a little… 😉

The people on PokerStars during the day are generally much better players…didn’t see hardly any going all in with 8/3 off suit or any of that annoying crap like you do when you’re playing at night, and the players are most likely 17-20. So it was actually enjoyable to play…and you were somewhat comfortable calling with your good hand…knowing that you weren’t going to get totally screwed by some lame flop. I went out by going all in with my little tiny short stack with pocket jacks, and of course the flop was K/10/8 and the other guy had K/10 in his hand. Oh well.

There is another tourney in a few hours…. 😀