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People up at 9am on a Saturday…by choice. Far too many of them. I expected campus to be a dead zone…oh no. People hanging out, studying, or walking too/from somewhere, in a casual manner, not in a “I have 10 minutes to get to my final” manner. Weirdos. Oh well. I guess not all of us were up till 1am playing poker and then tossed and turned till 4am… I couldn’t even bubble in my name properly on the scantron (Starbucks hadn’t kicked in yet)…and as I told my class buddies – “I should be in Vegas right now” (that one got me a high-five). Anyway…3 down, 1 to go. As of noon on Monday, I’ll be all done till January. Hell, could be all done forever if I didn’t get at least a 2.0 (and if that’s the case, expect me to call upon those of you who are better writers than I to help craft a kick-ass appeals letter).

Last night sucked as far as cards were concerned. That little tourney I mentioned? Yea…I sucked. Finished 27/28. Just unlucky/probably should have been more agressive. My sets were beaten by flushes and straights. Kings were too. Forget the exact details of what happened to my final hand, (new site, not yet compatible with Tracker) but I do remember relaying to John my outrage that I was raised pre-flop with K8. So that was clearly a bad beat. (Not that anyone wants to hear about those…)

Then I hit UB to try and redeem myself. Tried a $10 10 person SnG. HaHa. Failed at that. Took a hit in chips when I made a boat, and knew I was up against either a bigger boat or quads. Sooo…here’s a little reminder for me…when you KNOW you’re beat (and I did…knew it all along) DON’T BET THE HAND FOR THE WINNER. That’s what the whole Check, then FOLD is for. I don’t know…I guess, in a small part of my brain, I thought there was the off chance I might have the bigger boat, or that he was bluffing. Truth be told though, my instincts were fairly dead on last night…just wasn’t listening. Oh, and was playing like an ass. 😉 But that didn’t cost me a lot of chips. Made a bad call, made a set of 4s on the turn, went all in with them, when there was 3 clubs on the board…now, the mouse in me would have dropped that hand in a heartbeat. 3 of any suit + possibilty of 2 of matching suit in opponents hand = fold. (Unless, of course, I have him beat). But again…playing like an ass. So I was out.

That one really bothered me. I’m so much better than that. But I seem to have this tendency to go on these self-destructive mini-sprees. Thankfully they don’t last long, but they do hurt the bankroll. In this case, it was obvious he made his flush on the turn. I don’t know what possessed me to call.

But, we get over it. And try again. So I did. Yea, that one sucked too. Not as badly, but still. No real mistakes, just not playing up to my normal level. Went out 5th, all in with Cowboys. Called by A6s. He caught an Ace on the flop (ouch), and then another on the turn (double ouch). Just not my night…

Now that I’ve had my mid-morning/afternoon nap to catch up on sleep missed last night and this morning (I got up at 7. 7!! That’s just wrong) I’m off to study for my next test. I have 2 weeks of lectures to catch up on…

A brief programming note…I’ve given John authorship rights here, so perhaps you’ll see his witty little self popping up from time to time. Be gentle with him, it’s his first time. 😉