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Started at 02/Jan/05 14:11:26

sammyroo is at seat 0 with $24.85.
midas one is at seat 1 with $8.90.
TexansBaby is at seat 2 with $50.
e_luckly is at seat 3 with $24.50.
Spruce56 is at seat 4 with $24.50.
maunni is at seat 5 with $39.05.
kbglfkid is at seat 6 with $15.95.
fish boy is at seat 7 with $25.60.
MrLips66 is at seat 8 with $70.80.
paul10003 is at seat 9 with $38.50.
The button is at seat 0.

midas one posts the small blind of $.25.
TexansBaby posts the big blind of $.50.

sammyroo: — —
midas one: — —
TexansBaby: 8h Ah
e_luckly: — —
Spruce56: — —
maunni: — —
kbglfkid: — —
fish boy: — —
MrLips66: — —
paul10003: — —


e_luckly calls. Spruce56 folds. maunni folds.
kbglfkid folds. fish boy calls. MrLips66 folds.
paul10003 calls. sammyroo folds. midas one folds.
TexansBaby checks.

Flop (board: 4h 7h Qh):

TexansBaby checks. e_luckly checks. fish boy
checks. paul10003 bets $2.25. TexansBaby raises to
$4.50. e_luckly folds. fish boy folds. paul10003

Turn (board: 4h 7h Qh 8c):

TexansBaby bets $.50. paul10003 raises to $12.75.
TexansBaby re-raises to $25. paul10003 calls.

River (board: 4h 7h Qh 8c Jc):

TexansBaby goes all-in for $20. paul10003 goes all-in
for $8.50. TexansBaby is returned $11.50 (uncalled).


TexansBaby shows 8h Ah.
TexansBaby has 8h Ah 4h 7h Qh: flush, ace high.
paul10003 shows 2h 5h.
paul10003 has 2h 5h 4h 7h Qh: flush, queen high.

Hand #3779434-6834 Summary:

$2 is raked from a pot of $78.25.
TexansBaby wins $76.25 with flush, ace high.

What a nice welcome home, huh? Then later Maudie dropped by and we had fun with MrLips when the table got short handed – Maudie and I were heads up and she had raised pre-flop (and given the player, I had a pretty good feeling what I was up against ;)) to $2. I had Th9d, and called. (Short handed, remember!) Flop comes Qs Jd 2d. We all check. Turn comes 8s. I bet .50, MrLips calls, Maudie raises to $2. At this point MrLips starts guessing her hand – Kings? Trip Queens? I say nothing on my end…knowing he’s gonna flip when he finds out all she’s done is paired that two. And sure enough, I re-raise to $3.50, she folds and shows The Hammer. 🙂 MrLips had a nice laugh over that one, pointed out that I never called Maudie’s hand while we were playing (am I supposed to? Was I supposed to point out that you raise with any Ace too Mr?) and I told him that I knew was it was exactly – either 7/2 or Aces. He certainly liked that one. After that point the table began to fill up with yummy fish and that session doubled me up. BTW Maudie, after that one game with you, you’re a Taz in my Tracker. Of course kids, let this be a lesson on what limited data gets you. By the way, have I mentioned “My name is April and I’m addicted to the Auto-Rate feature”?

Still being sickly, I took a nap after that game, disgusted, DISGUSTED with the season finale of the Texans. Did I mention I was disgusted? I want a new coach. (And I’ve been saying that since the start of the season, so don’t accuse me of any fair-weatherness or anything like that). The fans were booing. Booing. I haven’t heard such since…well…since we had that other team. We just don’t do that in Houston normally. We have more class than that. But we have our breaking point. It has been reached. The coming months will be interesting…oh what the hell am I saying, they won’t change a damn thing, AS ALWAYS. SIGH.

Hit the table again later in the evening, for a losing session. Just didn’t have the focus (“So why were you playing April?” Uhhh….) and made a call that I can’t really call “bad” because it was one of those where you just have to see. (Yes…I know…) But like I said, I hadn’t been focused enough, and I was fairly certain that the guy was an idiot who was just getting lucky, but I hadn’t actually seen any of his hands go to showdown. I had middle pair top kicker, and had been betting it hard, but he was steadily calling, and I couldn’t put him on a hand, other than possibly a better pair, but he had never raised. So at the river, I thought…ok…I’m not going to bet this for you at least. I checked. He bets $8. And I think. And I decide, given the amount of money I’ve already got in this pot, yep, it’s worth $8 to see just what the hell he’s got. That river card could have made him a straight, but with me betting like I had every round…only an idiot would have kept calling on a miracle draw.

Need I tell you what he had?

So that took a nice ding out of my stack, but was really my only major loss of the night. He was oh so polite and thanked me for my call. I was a good girl and remained silent. One of the things I love about having UltimateHistory running is that the hand histories are constantly popping up and therefore I get real-time confirmation that yes, my opponent is an absolute moron. When playing, the cards are shown and the new hand is dealt so fast you often don’t have time to process it all. Your mind says “No way he called that all the way with noth-” “Yep. Yep he did. Idiot. Yea, go ahead and thank me for paying a few bucks to verify your stupidity. I consider it an investment.” I am getting better at managing my inner-tilt. I rarely get upset at other players for being stupid, it’s more at me for making stupid moves I know better than to make. I am far harder on myself than I am on other people.

OK, I think I’m rambling here…sorry. Still not 100% myself ya know. I think I’ll check into those healing powers of poker I’ve heard about…