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Spring has definately sprung here in Texas. Monday I noticed the first bluebonnets. Just out of nowhere. They do that you see. All of sudden they’ll be there – poof. Right now they are just little patches here and there, but soon they’ll take over the entire roadsides – seas of blue with waves of yellow and red. I have a camera phone now, I keep meaning to take a pic, but of course, I’m always in the car…

For weeks, I have been jealous of the people who have turned the grassy knolls around campus into their own personal tanning beds – laying out with their books and laptops, studying or chatting away on their cell phones – just enjoying the 70 degree temps and bright sun. We’ve been alternating days of cold rain with these warm sunny ones but it appears now that the nice days are here to stay. And you have to enjoy them, because it’ll be like living on the sun soon enough.

I have a test in 3 hours. And thanks to the beauty that is a wireless laptop (I don’t know who invented it, but I love them) and a wired campus (sorry Brent) I fully intend to finish up my studying on one of those green lawns. (Probably shouldn’t have worn a skirt today).

It is a very nice day. One of those that makes you feel like all is right with the world, no matter what you have to face.

Hell, I might even play poker.